Play The SG50 Coin Game

  • 99.9% Pure Silver
  • 1 Troy Ounce
  • Made and Minted in Singapore by SG Mint
  • ULTRA LOW 100 Mintage
  • Numbered  Medallion and Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • First Release in New Series!

Prizes for game coin include:

1Kg Silver

1 Ounce of gold

100g gold

Terms and conditions apply

The Lion City / SG 50 is the first in a 3 coin set to commemorate Singapore’s 50th year as an independent nation.

Only 100 of each of the three coins in the limited edition commemorative game coin edition will be minted (300 in total). Collect the exclusive game coin edition and let’s play “Celebrate Your Birthday With Singapore.”

Read the instructions to play “Celebrate Your Birthday With Singapore” below, or watch the video above

To play “Celebrate Your Birthday With Singapore” first, know your birthday in DD/MM/YY two-digit format.

Example: If your birthday is 8 March, 1988, in DD/MM/YY format it becomes 08/03/88.

Once you know your birthday using DD/MM/YY format, collect all three different game medallions and match the number minted on the side of each of the game medallions in any order with your birthday using DD/MM/YY form and win! Terms and conditions do apply so please call or visit us at The Central B1-33, Clarke Quay MRT.

The first game coin is here and we invite you to “reserve” a DD/MM/YY number that you need to win. The second and third coin will be coming soon. Please note that we will not reserve numbers for the second and third coin. Therefore, it’s up to you to get your first game medallion now and increase your chances to win “Celebrate Your Birthday With Singapore!”

Winners stand to win 1Kg of silver, 1 ounce or gold, or 100g of gold. Terms and conditions apply.

Remember, your birthday numbers must 2-digit DD/MM/YY numbers only.

DD: numbers 01 – 31

MM: numbers 01-12

YY: numbers 00 – 99 (00 is used for the year 2,000)

Non-game coin can be found here.

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