When you see this you know gold and silver are being manipulated. Buy it!

xe-001Hi gang, Patrick from SilverAg.

Like many of you, I check my currency convertor multiple times a day. As such, I’ve been noticing more frequently how so called “flash crashes” are happening.

More often I am seeing the gold silver ratio absolutely being changed. I’m seeing more frequently the price of gold and silver absolutely crashing for a split second.

In this snapshot, take a look at the price of 1oz gold compared to USD. Also, take a look at how much 1oz of gold can buy ounces of silver.

Other sources such as zero hedge will tweet these very same  flash crashes from time to time.

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Why is this happening?

Well, I can only speculate. Perhaps a trader or banker might mislead the market by putting in a big sell order causing algos to react and sell pushing down the price of gold and silver. Then, this person or bank will buy the dip.  There are a lot more reasons why one would manipulate the markets. Euphorically, these people  doing this are called market movers. I personally would rather just call them criminals.

Make no mistake, gold and silver are on the up-trend and perhaps this is why there are more flash crashes that seem to be happening. Nonetheless, do not get discouraged.

For some maybe paper gold and silver is a better option if you just wish to earn money on silver and gold. For others that want to protect your money, keep buying physical and be thankful that these market movers which I choose to criminals are doing this… we can buy more at a cheaper price!

In the end, paper will lose and physical will win. Rest assured, you are doing the right thing by buying physical and accumulating metal. An alternative, set a goal. Set a goal of perhaps 100 ozs of gold or 5000 ozs of silver or whatever you are comfortable with.

Once you reach that goal don’t look back and have peace of mind. Comfortably go on with your life knowing that when the day comes when this all comes to head and gold and silver are in desperate need, you my friend were smart enough to have it. You my friend have put yourself in a position to take advantage of the opportunities ahead that will come to owners of physical gold and silver. In the end there will be people who have physical gold and silver, and people who don’t.

Have a great day and hope to see you at SilverAg soon,

Patrick  🙂