Negative Interest Rates Are Here to Stay

On the U.S. dollar, gold and silver expert Craig Hemke warns, “I think, in the grand scheme of things, we are all in trouble because the time of the U.S. dollar being the supreme currency is all going by the wayside. We are entering into a new global financial paradigm in the 21st century. . . . Negative interest rates are here to stay, and the whole western world is getting sucked into that creation by central banks. I am not optimistic that years of bliss and euphoria are coming our way. Maybe the dollar, in the short term, could continue to rise, and many say that means gold is going down. I don’t think that is true anymore. The key thing going forward is the banks trying to manage the gold price, and by managing price, they can manage sentiment. By managing sentiment, they hope to control physical demand because physical demand is what will break the banks. That’s how the whole circle fits together.”

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