Can’t We Just Print More Money?

Close-up Pocket watch, coins & jewelryHi it’s Patrick at SilverAg.  I’d just like to share my personal opinion regarding debt, money printing, our current financial system, and why you should be accumulating gold and silver.

Arguably, debt for the most part does not matter as long as you can print money. You and I view debt one way, nations and institutions see it another way. They do not see debt how you and I see it in part because they have the ability to print money whereas you and I cannot print it and must work for it. Debt to you and I is very significant indeed.

However,  I’d like to offer this opinion. Instead of looking at debt what all of us need to keep in mind is that currencies will stay afloat and always function as long as people have CONFIDENCE in whatever “currency” is being used.

The scenario at some future point in time  may come down to where eventually yes, debt will cause a loss of confidence in the current financial system. Our threshold of confidence in the system  varies from person to person. Some are confident in the system and others are not. Therefore, it is  imperative that central banks and governments must not only keep the system going (which will also buy time to keep our confidence going), they must also at this current and same time be working on developing a new system and a transition to the new system.

What is that new system? SDR’s? Cashless? And how will we transition to that new system? A reset? A crash? War? We just don’t know what the powers that be intend for us. However, we do know this.  A transition of some sort will happen coinciding with a loss of confidence. This is why we, all of us, should be buying gold and silver. We don’t know what the new system will be. However, we do know that a transition has to happen and confidence of the current system and currencies most likely will not happen in an orderly fashion.

Confidently, we can say the world knows gold and silver as historic money, money we can trust and fall back on. Gold and silver is money we can trade and barter with. Gold and silver will help us transition to whatever this “new system” might be. Gold and silver will store and carry over your wealth during the transition and into a new system.

You see, let’s not worry about a collapse. Let’s not even worry about what the new financial system might even be. We can’t worry about what we can’t control or don’t know. However, we do know a new system will take place. We do know a transition will have to take place before that new system is implemented on us all. And we do know gold and silver can store our wealth and carry us during the transition. And who knows, if the new system is a gold/silver backed system, all the more we will be in an ideal position.

Friends, it’s the upcoming transition that will determine where our place, status, and financial position will be in a post dollar or paper currency  world. We aren’t being alarmist. Indeed, we are being practical and real. The world will change, it always does. Are you preparing and getting ready for the day the transition begins?

Ask yourself one simple question.  Do you have confidence that the money in your wallet will still be the same money in use 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 50 years from now? And will that money in your wallet have the same purchasing power during the transition and after the transition into a new financial system? No way. Many of the brightest economic and financial minds are telling us right now, today, that gold and silver is your hedge, gold and silver is your insurance for whatever change is on the way.

We don’t know what the future holds, but we know it will change. How you and I make it through the transition of change will determine our outcomes in what some call the greatest upcoming wealth transfer in history.

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Cheers, Patrick