What Crisis Is The Gold/Oil Ratio Predicting This Time?





It seems that pricing commodities against other commodities ultimately is where things might be heading to. Should you be concerned about how much dollars your gold/silver is worth today when you do not even know what a dollar will be worth in 1 year? Will the dollar even be of any value in that time? What does 1 ounce of gold at $50,000 USD mean if we do not even know what 1 USD will be valued at against  other currencies? Or more importantly, how will the USD and other currencies fair against much needed and valued commodities in the future ahead?

Or should we be more concerned with how much oil, petro, real estate, food, water, etc., that our gold or silver can buy along with what certain commodity-commodity ratios might be telling us.

From: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-17/what-crisis-goldoil-ratio-predicting-time