Something Gigantic and Horrible Happening This Year?







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Is the Federal Reserve going to be raising interest rates this fall? Financial writer Andy Hoffman says forget it and explains, “The Fed is the biggest leveraged hedge fund in history. They have a $4.5 trillion bond portfolio . . . why would they be raising rates? They were lying all along. . . . Now, with this announcement by China where China is joining the currency war–no way. The U.S. is going to be forced to devalue its currency soon.”

So, what is the real Wall Street end game? Hoffman says, “They know the end game is going to be about gold and real money. . . . It’s not about financial markets, it’s about real items of value. It’s hard to dispute the fact that the perfect storm is coming together right now, including the front running of this gold and silver trade. China just turned the currency war nuclear. . . . It’s just hard to see how we get through this year without something gigantic and horrible happening.”

See the video here.




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