Warren Pollock- Everyone Is Pregnant With US Debt






On the fragile global economy, analyst Warren Pollock warns the game is about over, “It’s an absolute con game and right now, everyone is involved in the great con. . . . We can see now that the pension plans are going to be stolen from people. That’s pretty much obvious to everyone with the Supreme Court ruling that is an advance indicator that your retirement money is going to be confiscated. Gold looks very unattractive in the markets, and that is one of the places that you should actually go to. You need a stack of $20 bills, but you also need gold. We’re definitely going to have a currency crisis, but right now, everyone is pregnant with paper. Everyone is pregnant with U.S. debt. Everyone is pregnant with U.S. stocks, particularly in these sovereign funds. Right now, we are so pregnant with debt it is being sold out in crowd funding sites. You can buy people’s credit card debt. This is how stupid this economy has become.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with geopolitical/financial analyst Warren Pollock.

See the video here.



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