Speculation for a Trump Presidential Candidacy Continues…






MANCHESTER, N.H. —If you’re a Donald Trump fan, mark June 16 on your calendar. If you’re a Donald Trump fan in New Hampshire, mark June 17.

WMUR.com has learned that the business executive and reality television personality will make an announcement at the Trump Tower in Manhattan on June 16, and he plans to return to the first-primary state the following day.

A source close to Trump confirmed the dates and said a “major” announcement by Trump will be forthcoming, but stopped short of saying outright that Trump will announce his candidacy for president at that time.

All signs point to a Trump declaration of candidacy, however. He has been moving in that direction for many months with steps beyond those he took in his previous flirtations. And he told WMUR.com in April that he is “very much inclined” to become a candidate.

Trump has set up a pre-campaign organization, headed by conservative strategist Corey Lewandowski of Windham, and has hired staffers in New Hampshire and first-caucus state Iowa, as well as in South Carolina, where the first primary in the South will be held.

Last week, Trump unveiled a 17-member leadership team in New Hampshire.

In his blunt style, Trump has repeatedly pounded President Barack Obama as ineffective both domestically and on foreign policy, warning that Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran will result in “proliferation all over the place.”

He has blasted Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton, saying her deletion of emails from her private account was “criminal.” He has railed against China “manipulating the markets” and he has promised that if he becomes president, he will not cut Social Security.

Trump has also insisted that his fellow Republicans who are either announced presidential candidates or considering running are unimpressive. And he has promised, as he did again this week, that if he becomes president, the United States will have “total victory” over Islamic state terrorists “at the least cost, and it will be a total and complete victory.”


Real estate mogul Donald Trump at the New Hampshire Republican Leadership Summit. The two day event hosted by the Republican Party Of New Hampshire featured possible GOP nominees for the 2016 presidential election. New Hampshire will hold the first ‘primary’ for GOP convention delegates on January 26th, 2016.

Watch the video here.



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