Egon von Greyerz-World Will Never Be Able to Cope with Leverage of Bond Implosion

Keep in mind when watching this video that our precious metals shop in Singapore has always held the viewpoint that precious metals in this QE, NIRP, ZIRP, war, and other environments should be thought of more as “insurance” rather than something to speculate. This makes it all the more important why you should have precious metals as an “insurance” for  your wealth i.e., paper currency.

Stop by our shop in Clarke Quay and have a chat with us. Our main focus is to work with you by offering affordable prices, precious metal products that will help you in the long run such as our tube of 5 gram coins, and to share knowledge from the many economists, financial professionals, and business people that frequent our shop.

Whether you are a big buyer looking for private and discreet storage (you will notice we don’t advertise for storage but we do provide it), or simply want to start or add to your stack of silver or gold, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We can store your precious metals and we can also mint coins made from precious metals for corporate events. Stop by and see what other surprises we have that are not on our website and have a great day… we look forward to seeing you.


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