Purchases in cash, it’s almost over!






Using google translator from a French written article this is what we read (Original  text and article can be found here).

Purchases in cash, it’s almost over!
SILVER – Denmark intends to eliminate cash payments in some shops. A measure that could become widespread soon. Traders are not all convinced.

Le Corbusier, Giacometti or Ramuz could soon disappear from our wallets. This week, the Danish Government has proposed that some businesses, including gas stations, restaurants and clothes shops are no longer obliged to accept cash. The aim is to reduce transport costs and securing currencies. A trend that should generalize and reach Switzerland in the coming years depending on the financial blogger Eva Zaki (see cons below).

“We must be open to new ideas. This may be interesting, “admits Helena Druey cooperative in Lausanne traders. Nevertheless, it ensures that the commissions, often high, levied when payments with a card are an obstacle to such a change.

A view shared by the general secretary of the FRC, Mathieu Fleury. “It’s not a bad idea, but for now the extra cost of card payments is shared across all customers,” he laments.

It also draws attention to the problem of managing the budget. “With a map, we do not make too much spending account. Many of the people continues to use the cash to keep that control, “he explains.

Pay with smartphone

For its part, Migros recognizes work on new means of payment, such as a mobile phone system that will be implemented next summer. Besides, cashless payments represent 53% of purchases in Migros. “However, it is too early to decide on a measure to the removal of liquid,” says the cooperative.

Gattlen Hubert, director of the Valais Commercial Union, however, is not convinced by this. “Certainly not to have cash we would save money, but there are still people who do not have a credit card. We do not want to cut this clientele, “he said, recognizing that young people are the ones already supporters of the liquid without payment. Clearly, change is already underway and will only accelerate.


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