A Simple Man’s Point Of View On Why we all need to have a degree in common sense







If you’ve read any of the “Simple Man” articles and still look to read more Simple Man articles like this one, then consider yourself wide awake. PhD’s, MBA’s, degrees, diplomas are great to have. Although never forget, the one degree no institution  of higher learning can give you is a degree or masters in common sense. Therefore, let’s just say to what degree is each of our common sense. A ha, an enlightening moment already. In the article below, some may see it as right, wrong, or something in between or over in the next galaxy. Nonetheless, it’s just a simple man’s opinion and it’s free of charge. As they say, you get what you pay for 🙂

A lot of people hear and read about how or why they should buy precious metals in case of some sort of economic calamity. A lot of people hear and read about why they should not buy precious metals because economies are doing well. So which is it?  Well,  as I remove my tin foil hat from my head, common sense tells me yes there is a real possibility of some sort of currency reset on its way. How do I know? Besides the IMF already literally saying so, just look at all the debt.  If seemingly all countries are in debt, who do we all owe money too?

In trying to answer that question, I need to do a work-around by thinking of a game called tic-tac-toe. Like I said, I’m a simple man. Anyway, each player will mark their X or their O on a grid trying to connect 3 X’s or O’s in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally and most likely players will come to a stalemate. What will they do  then? They will then wipe the board clean and start a new game; reset. In a bit more complex game like chess, players may often reach a point where one more move will result in a victory or a defeat. Both players will usually mentally know this, but not always. One player must ultimately make a move that knowingly or not knowingly will cause his piece to die and lose the game. Sometimes, players will call a “truce” in gentleman fashion. Even though both players know who the real winner and loser is, they may decide to not go through the motion of finalising the outcome on the board. And, they reset and play a new game.

In the real world, central banks, governments are trying every move on the global chess board and its not working. Each move on the chess board whether its QE, ZIRP, NIRP, war, etc., is seemingly bringing the game closer to an end where any counter move or self-made move will cause the ultimate checkmate. And, as if nothing happened they will place pawns on the board and they will start over. They will reset all the pieces and try again. You may be asking, “well who are these chess players Simple Man?”  Truth is, I couldn’t tell you. Is it countries, central banks, elites, the illuminati, the military industrial complex, aliens…. I don’t know.

The thing is, maybe it doesn’t matter if we don’t know who’s playing the game. The bigger thing to know is that at some point these players will reset the game and start a new one. What that new game will be, who knows?

Common sense tells me that as the game comes to an end and a new one begins there will be an in between moment. In that between moment is where all the world is guessing what will it be like. One game ends, a new one begins. In the process of this current game cash and fiat currency  are being devalued, even banned and possibly outlawed. So what do we do?

Because I don’t know how this game will end, or how the new game will look like or be played, common sense tells me to transfer the value of my money. That’s because what I do know about this current game being played is that money is being thrown around like it’s nothing and is being devalued. Money means a great deal to you and me, but not to these players of the global chess game. After all,  if you had a printing press to create money, would you care about how much money you had?  No. This is where common sense tells me that since I don’t have a printing press, I must move my paper money from one form into another. My money needs to be in a form that either has potential, or can store the value of my money as best possible and not be in caught in this game. Call it insurance.

I have home insurance, fire insurance, health insurance, life insurance. I make monthly payments on all this insurance. If nothing happens, I am blessed even though I may never again see the money I’ve spent each month to get this insurance. I don’t complain. I don’t complain because I had peace of mind if something  went wrong. Yet with all this insurance for almost everything under the sun, I still must ask myself what insurance do I have for my money?  If something goes wrong with paper money, how do I insure it? What do I do for money insurance?

It seems this current global game of greed-chess is ending and a new one will begin… a reset. I know it’s also public knowledge that the IMF has said there will be a global currency reset. So how do I insure my money and not get caught in this reset? Brace yourself, because the only real answer history has provided for us is gold and silver. Yes there is real estate and other things, but I’m talking everyday money that is a unit of account, durable, divisible, convenient, consistent, posses value within itself, limited in quantity, and has a history of acceptance. In all those things, history is screaming  gold and silver.

Today, gold and silver are seen as commodities. Therefore, like all commodities they will move up and down in price. Ironically, this is why spot price does not concern me a great deal. It simply lets people know when to buy or when to sell.  And for this simple man, I’m not selling any of my physical gold and silver.

We know commodities like gold and silver move up and down, and we know the dollar remains on a long slow trek to zero. This is where the reset the IMF talks about comes in. If I’m holding gold and silver and the reset happens, I should be in an “OK” position since I really don’t care that much about what happens to cash, I’m not in cash. I’m in gold and silver, two things the world knows to be money. Again, i’m ok. If the players reset the game and nothing happens, fine. Maybe or maybe not, I’ll just liquidate some of my gold and silver and go back into cash. What a great insurance plan 🙂

On the other hand, if the players reset the game and change the pieces on the board or the rules and I’m all in paper money and assets, I’m in trouble. I would then be in a mad scramble to the gold and silver shop to get me some gold and silver along with almost everyone else. The thing is, what if this shop may run out, not sale, sale excessively high above spot price because spot price will mean nothing at this point, or this shop may not even accept cash.

What do you mean a gold and silver shop might not take my cash? Think about it. Common sense tells me that if currencies are not doing well or falling during the reset between global greed-chess, why would a person or a business want to accept cash anymore? Why would a shop sell you gold or silver which may in fact indeed be highly valuable, in exchange for worthless, slumping, devaluing cash?  The answer is they wouldn’t sell you gold and silver for cash… and none of us should be surprised if they didn’t. Therefore, common sense says to get your gold and silver ahead of time like now when prices are fairly low and cash has value.

Yes, I don’t know when thew current game will end, or when the new game will start. However, I do know that if/when it does, we had all better have our gold and silver money insurance in hand. Common sense tells me to get, have, and hold it now or risk having none at all. With a lot of luck, if the current game ends and the new game starts and we are ok, then simply sell some gold and silver to get perhaps a new batch of new unbacked fiat money and risk going back into a brand new game of greed-chess.

“Hmmm, that doesn’t make sense Simple Man, why go back into a new game after getting out of the old one?” Precisely, this is where none of us should even want to play someone else’s game of unbacked fiat or even unbacked digital currencies. But hey, what do I know, I’m just a simple man trying to survive using a fairly reasonable (I hope) degree of common sense.


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