No Cash Accepted







Louisiana has passed a bill making it illegal to pay for used goods with cash. You can no longer buy something at a yard sale, flea market, or anywhere else where cash payment is required. You must pay by check, money order, or electronic transfer instead. They claim this is targeting criminals. Yeah – good explanation, but totally unrealistic. The state is named after the King of France, so it is not unusual to see Louisiana adopting the same policies as France.

Most people are also unaware that the law in Louisiana is NOT the same as the rest of the nation. They did not follow English common law, but French. A jury trial does not require unanimous consent, instead, it is simply the majority.


People make no mistake about it. Governments are making it more criminal all over the world, especially in parts of Europe, to use cash. Why?

Well, for starters generally you can’t track cash. Second, central banks are finding it too expensive to “create” cash and therefore would happily just move digits back and forth on  a computer screen-electronic cash.

Not  only does it save them money, but with electronic cash they can track who spent what at where and how. Although as this article says, governments cannot tax any cash used outside of a trackable system or anything used for barter or trade. You see, as governments get deeper in debt, they become predatory. And they do not like any buying or selling outside the system that can’t be traced or taxed.

It’s fair to say that at peril we should all expect a trackable, traceable monetary system to be implemented. Sure, credit cards, debit cards are already here. Although I for one am expecting something much more big than the current electronic money system.  With that in mind, I am wondering what will a cashless world look like where everything we do can and will be tracked?  What will a cashless society look like to you?


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