Big On Smalls






Big on Smalls

A story to take with a grain of salt…

A customer asked why are 5g silver pieces for sale? What was kindly explained to him was that some people buy gold and silver as an investment. Others buy it as collectable coins, gifts, or jewelry. Still, there are those that both buy silver and gold as an investment, and also as a form of “insurance” should monetary systems and fiat currencies collapse. Therefore, he was kindly explained to that those 5g silver pieces which he questioned are in general, for those that believe and want to prepare for a time they see where we may need to use precious metals to barter or trade. There are many that believe this and also many that don’t. Nonetheless, the small price-premium to pay now for smaller grams may save and be a savings for a lot of people in an uncertain future ahead.

True, in agreement with customer’s opinion, almost no one buys smaller increments of precious metals since on a per gram basis grams would cost more. However, what people are saving on the front end by buying ounces, they could very well lose big time on the back end by not buying grams or “smalls.” Meaning, when/if it comes time to use their precious metals to barter or trade and a person has only 1 ounce pieces and no gram pieces, they will never be able to get “change.” Hence, they will lose what they thought they would save by buying ounces at the start instead of buying slightly higher priced grams. To take it a step further, the merchant you traded or bartered for with that 1 ounce piece may not get the full value of the 1 ounce piece either when he in turn tries to use it for barter or trade. Therefore, common sense would tell all that having both smalls along with ounces is what will ultimately make the barter trade system work if it should come to that.

Furthermore, if/when that time does come to use your precious metals as a medium of exchange to barter or trade, once you use your precious metals, do not be naive to think that your bullion dealer will sell you more silver/gold. This is because if this scenario should play out, all the gold/silver will be bought up where none of us can get anymore. Without smalls, all of us will end up wasting our silver/gold because we can’t get change for lower valued items with higher valued ounces. In addition, we now will end up devaluing our “investment” while watching our stacks go down in free-fall because we are trading and wasting our ounces by using them when we should’ve been trading and using grams.

Chances are, if/when that financial collapse or global financial reset that the IMF has repeatedly warned us about does come, its important and prudent that most people understand the bullion shops that we normally go to may not be accepting any currency to buy silver/gold. I mean think about it. Why would someone sell you silver or gold for paper money if that paper money is losing value or collapsed completely? In short, smalls may not be the best thing to buy value-wise today. However, should things go bad as many financial and economists are saying, smalls may offer you the biggest value and savings in the long run should the #shtf and its  #teotwawki .

One more note,  it’s this scenario that has prompted us to create the “melt and mint” program. We did it because we genuinely care about each and every one of you and all our families. Stop by our shop or contact us by tweeting @sgsilverag and we’ll explain. Always be positive and hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. It’s time to get big on smalls.


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